About Us

About Us

What we really do?

GulAutos.pk provides a wide range of car accessories items to both local and international customers. The auto accessories market in Pakistan mainly depends on imports from China (finished accessories) and Japan (used accessories). With a motive to increase local production and to create employment opportunities for youth, GulAutos.pk with the help of Durshal (KPITB) has started production of Car Body Kits, Spoilers, and Front Grills in Fiberglass. Keeping in view the large demand of its customers and to achieve economies of scale, GulAutos.pk with the support of Durshal (KPITB) is also planning to start its production in plastic-based car accessories items along with fiber. Currently, GulAutos.pk has engaged 11 full-time employees in its office and production section. There are many others who earn their bread and butter from the daily operations of the business. Through its production setup, which is currently facing hot and chilly winds of the market will certainly make headlines in the Car Accessories Market of the country. In addition, to make the shopping experience more pleasant, GulAutos.pk provides ease of mind and satisfaction to its customers in terms of buying, installation, and its Online Retail and Wholesale services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create employment opportunities by elevating local manufacturing in the automotive industry of Pakistan.

Historical Background

As everyone knows, the automotive industry has significantly revolutionized our lives. It has not only facilitated us in traveling but by the time the up gradation and advancement process of the vehicles began to be the royalty symbol, the racing symbols, and several vehicles shaped like the normal family cars. These all are the result of car accessories and their modified parts. People are enthusiastic to modify their cars/vehicles so that they may look different and unique from others. The same passion goes for Pakistanis as well. There is a huge craze for car modifications. Twenty years back in Pakistan, there was a lack of modification services however with time many service providers joined the market. GulAutos, based in Peshawar, with its unique services, also started its operations in Pakistan. Initially, the main market of auto modification and car accessories in Pakistan was Lahore and Karachi. Customers from other provinces of Pakistan used to travel to Lahore and Karachi for seeking modifications and purchasing car accessories items. Mostly the car accessories market of Pakistan was dependent upon imports from China and Japan. Keeping this in view, GulAutos started its own import from China. With the passage of time, the business evolved and we have created another outlet for B2B customers. After facilitating B2B customers and creating a huge volume of Customers our core team members have decided to start local manufacturing of auto modification parts (Body Kits, Spoilers, Grilles, etc.) in Fiberglass. This step of GulAutos has shown good performance in terms of offering quality and competitive prices to its customers. Now GulAutos is planning to set up its own machinery in Pakistan which will create employment opportunities for youth and will reduce the import bill of Pakistan.

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